Preparation Tips For Written Exam – Crack to Competitive Exam

Preparation Tips For Written Exam

Here are the Preparation Tips For Written Exam and info about How to Crack Competitive Exam, for those who do not want to go through into the best institute for his/her choice, but to achieve that we are required to go through various competitive entrance test.

Preparation Tips For Written Exam

So, therefore, we must know how to prepare these competitive entrance exams and crack them. Our teachers, friends, parents all guide us somehow but here are some of the Preparation Tips For Written Exam through which you get to know How to Crack Competitive Exam.

Choose good Coaching Institute

  • Though the self-preparation is best for anyone for understanding but for preparing Competitive Exam, choose a good coaching institute.
  • You should check the previous results and ranking of that institute and get to know how good it is.
  • Discuss the current students that how well this institute and teachers, scheduling of tutorials, discussion on tests, question banks study materials, etc.

Know the pattern and syllabus of the examination

  • Underlines all the important headings and words, which are widely in use.
  • You should know the exams pattern and marks getting every individual subject
  • You have to know the syllabus of the particular subject because exams pattern has changed every year in this Written Competitive Exam.
  • Make a separate notebook and write down there important headings and formula

Stay calm and eat healthy food

  • Keep calm and don’t lose hope and just concentrate on your hard work.
  • You can focus on doing an exercise involving your hands, eyes and back because they are sensitive parts and affect your body while studying. So stretch your body in regular interval of time
  • Only Eats Fruits and green vegetables because they were good for your health. Don’t eat fried and junk foods because it is found that junk food lowers the working speed of the mind.

Discipline and follow the schedule timing

  • Don’t try to make such a type of schedule in which you can focus the only study. Keep a slot for getting rest and recreation.
  • Add some games like indoor and outdoor games in your schedule so that it lightens up your mind and mood.
  • Study and practice every day because practice is everything there is no shortcut through which you can crack such a type of Written Competitive Exam

And the last thing revised your complete syllabus before the exams and take a good before the day of your examinations.

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