How to Succeed in Competitive Exams- Useful Tips and Tricks

How to succeed in competitive exams

Planning for appearing in competitive exams then this article is right for you. it will help you to understand the importance of exams and the strategic plans which if implemented should definitely help a lot for succeeding in the exams.

How to succeed in competitive exams

Nowadays Governments, Colleges, and other institutions conduct different types of competitive exams for selections of students in which thousands of students take part and the deserving one selects which is fair as they consider all students equal for them. These exams check the various abilities of students like:-

  • Reasoning skills
  • mathematical ability
  • Fundamental knowledge
  • Writing skills
  • Knowledge

Confused when to study??

Start as early as possible for you

Some steps should be followed while studying:-

  1. Time management is a very important thing- it enables us to satisfy ourselves at what time what to study so that u cannot be confused.
  2. What are you doing now – Analyses your current time usage, where does your time go?
  3. Make a timetable for yourself.
  4. Check yourself whether u are following it or not after 1-2 weeks.

First of all implements these steps. Some students also want the tips and tricks for qualifying the exams, well According to me no matter what type of competitive exam u are giving whether it is of m.b.b.s, civils or anything these exams are tough to clear but are not impossible .they can be clear if the tips which I am going to explain below are implemented by students for preparing of exams and these tips are given below:-

  1. Fundamental knowledge:– If u are Determined that u can do it, then start learning your fundamentals which consist of basic principles or we can say Start increasing your conception knowledge .if u are thinking of cramming then forget it is not possible at all and if u try to do so u got confused.
  2. Be updated:- If the exam which u are going to attempt consists of knowledge of general knowledge then start visiting news channels, reading the latest books and be updated.
  3. Notes making:- Make a habit of notes making whatever u study make small notes of it. It will help u so that when your exam is near to go through it no need of studying deeply and at that time it is also not sufficient.
  4. Coaching is not a bad idea: – Although it’s expensive, still joining a coaching institute is also an option for preparing the exams. Many do well without joining but still if you want to join it remember that the right institute is which offers:-
  • Good study material
  • Trustworthy
  • Counseling
  1. Be positive:–You should have a positive attitude and faith in yourselves. Be patient and support yourself over the long journey of life.
  2. Solve previous year questions:– Solve as much previous

Dear as you know this is the idea of how questions appear and what type of format of the paper is with which you are going to deal with.

  1. Stay healthy: –Stay healthy while you prepare. Regular exercise and yoga boost your mental as well as physical strength, and one night before the exam don’t try to cram anything as they cause your brain to get puzzled. All the best for the exams.

 Thinking about the tricks for the exam:-

  • Talking about the tricks for exams ha-ha as such no tricks (shortcut) is there by which you can qualify the exams.
  • The only trick is your knowledge, hard work, and determination
  • So, at last, be a person who has a passion for clearing the exams to prepare hard all the best.

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